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Are You Ready For Christmas?

Can you believe Christmas is only 15 days away? The silly season is definitely upon us, which means it's time to get organised! 

Here’s a simple 5 step guide to get you through this busy (and overwhelming) time of year:

  • Gifting is a major part of this time of year and can be very stressful. Encourage your loved ones to make a gift wish list to help you. Before you head to the shops or make your purchases on line make sure that you know who you are buying for; what you are going to buy; how much you are prepared to spend. Waiting until you hit the shops or get in front of the computer to get inspiration rarely works out well. You are more likely to make a poor choice/ spend more money than you had allocated.
  • Food - If it’s your turn to host a gathering – preparation is the key! Know how many are coming and whether there are any food allergies/ requests. Write up a menu and request your guests to bring a plate (most people love to contribute). Try preparing as much as possible in advance so that you can relax on the day.
  • Making space - by clearing out cupboards and creating room helps to make you feel calmer and provides more room for new items. It also helps you realise what you actually already have – finding things in the back of the cupboard for the first time in ages can be awesome!
  • Take a moment in between all the organising to make sure that you write up your to do list and as you accomplish each task cross them off. A long list can make you feel really overwhelmed so make a conscious effort to sit down and get organised. We always find drinking a cup of Relax Me helps calm the mind during this process. 
  • Enjoy – life can get crazy hectic at this time of year – but being busy does not bring inner happiness. Make sure that you really do enjoy the time you spend with family and friends. Playing a few fun games with family and friends can bring a lot of laughter to the day, like charades or cards. 

If you are having trouble figuring out WHAT gift you should buy for your mum, sister or friend, consider gifting them something memorable and rewarding, like one of our herbal teas! In fact, why don’t you treat yourself to one too?! And, if you buy 2 or more canisters we will give you a discount of 12% on your total order.

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You don’t even have to leave your home or office - Christmas shopping made easier!