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The Creation of Wellness Brand, Me Moment

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Our names are Theresa and Rhianna, we’re a mother and daughter partnership, who simply love tea! We want to introduce our brand a little more formerly and share with you where our inspiration for Me Moment came from.

Prior to creating our brand, we were both really busy working, studying, exercising, doing normal every-day stuff and dreaming of taking time off to be able to stop, reflect and unwind. Does this sound familiar?

It was during a moment of clarity we asked ourselves the question – why wait to achieve a longer-term goal of taking annual leave to squeeze in some “me time?” Why not find a way to factor in time for me every day?  The challenge was not to add another “thing” to the overflowing  daily “to do list”  - so we opted to include the concept when doing something that we love. Enjoying a cup of herbal organic tea! We chose to embrace the simple ritual of making a herbal drink as an opportunity to provide self-care in our daily routine.

Our inspiration is about recognising that small moments in our daily life REALLY matter – they are just important as the big ones and we want to share this concept with you too! It’s like a simple form of self-meditation on the go. Like us we want you to consider putting aside a few moments of each day to prepare and consume your chosen herbal tea. Allowing a little time to be present in the moment to provide yourself with a sprinkle of self-love to gather your thoughts.

Before creating our brand we spent hours researching this concept and could not find anything quite like what we were looking for. So, we made the decision to create the wellness brand ourselves! To ensure every blend was perfect we worked closely with our herbalists for over 12 months to offer our first range – 6 gorgeous individual tea blends each unique in their flavours, and stories.  Each canister contains 14 pyramid tea bags – a moment a day for 2 whole weeks!

We really hope you love our Me Moment herbal tea range and that you can relate to the importance of taking a few moments out of each day for a little self-care. Make sure that if you are not doing this already that you start now! You’ll be amazed at how much better it makes you feel and think.

Lots of love,

Theresa & Rhianna xx