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Your 10 Step Guide to Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle

Living a balanced lifestyle is often every gals dream. Having your priorities laid out, your sh** in order with a clear focus on your goals is anything but 'easy' (even for the organised bunch of us). 

Whilst it does take a little practice, a lot of skill and more determination than you would have expected, a balanced lifestyle can be mastered. Want to know how? Try reading our top ten tips below to find out more. And remember, it can take at least 2 months to form a regular habit - so making any positive lifestyle changes are going to need lots of practice!  

1. Plan your week - Whether you prefer to do this on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning is completely up to you and your schedule. Start off by planning out what you're doing each day - this includes when you will exercise, your working hours and any other activities like catching up with friends, running errands etc. Often we find putting pen to paper is the best way to do this, An Organised Life have the perfect weekly planner that will make this routine activity far more pleasurable. Not only will this help you prepare for the week ahead, but it will also give you clarity on any days where you have a bit more down time - these are your rest days and you're going to need them!

2. Meal prep - If you prefer to exercise early in the morning with no time to come home between your session and work, then you're going to need to ensure your breakfast and lunch is prepped beforehand. Planning out your meals for the week could include cooking in bulk, or purchasing easy nutritional options - like a can of tuna and salad! A delicious and healthy lunch has the power to completely transform your afternoon (even if you've had a hectic morning) - never underestimate the power of a good lunch!! Being prepared should cut down on trips to the supermarket and ensure that you have a varied well balanced meal plan for the week.

3. Keep it clean - A tidy house, wardrobe, car and bed sheets enable you to feel productive and organised. Whilst these jobs often seem tedious, they offer a psychological calming that brings a sense of accomplishment. Putting aside a couple of hours first thing on a Saturday morning is the perfect way to get these jobs done. A weekly tidy up around your home at the beginning of the weekend will often inspire you to eat healthy and exercise. Next time you're doing a weekly clean try putting on some of your favourite music to take away the "chore" feeling. 

4. Schedule in your 'me time' - There is nothing more important for a balanced lifestyle than taking a daily dose of 'me time'. This time may include practising meditation, or, you could simply make a cup of tea! From the second you boil the kettle to the last sip you drink, this 10 minutes is your holy grail to pause from what you are doing and to practice a moment of mindfulness. Try taking a moment a day for the next 30 days and see how much more connected you are to your mind and body. 

5. Exercise - Now, I'm not just talking about going to the gym, exercise is all about getting your body moving. Go for a walk, try pilates, go for a run or do a class! Whatever stimulates the release of your endorphins, makes you happy and fits into your schedule. When you organise your week try planning out your exercise routine as well - that way you'll hold yourself accountable! Try to keep active during the day. If you have a "sit down" desk job make sure that you factor in short breaks to get moving.

6. Setting goals - Set goals for both your personal life and work life. Having a clear focus on where you want to get to brings great clarity to your every day activity and will help keep you on the right track. Whilst setting yearly goals are a great idea, you also need to break these up into quarterly, monthly and weekly objectives that are that little bit more achievable and that all work towards your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Try setting daily achievements that you can tick off each day to help keep you motivated and ensure you stay productive. And remember to make them achievable!

7. Read a book - Whether you prefer reading autobiographies or getting lost in a novel - grab a book and read it. So much inspiration comes from the beauty of the written word. If aesthetically pleasing short proses and poetry inspire you take a look at The Apricot Memoirs.

8. Stay connected - When life gets busy you can often find yourself sacrificing time with your loved ones or friends to squeeze a few more hours in at work. Sometimes you just need to make the time to stay connected with those around you. Try going into work slightly earlier so you can finish up ahead of usual and cook dinner at home with your partner, or catch-up with your friends for a drink and platter. Spending time with those that you care about is good for your wellbeing. Don't wait until the weekend to stay connected, do it now and do it often. 

9. Treat yourself - Self-love comes from small acts of kindness to the self. Treating yourself occasionally is totally acceptable and often necessary (in moderation). If you work hard during the week then you should feel no guilt for treating yourself. Try lining up your 'treat' to your weekly goals. Setting some perimeters around your treats will make them feel a whole lot more desirable and rewarding. 

10. Listen to podcasts - Whether your driving or training to work, the perfect way to pass time (in a productive manner) is by listening to pod casts! Tip, keep a notebook close by because often nuggets of gold are found in the conversations that come from the likes of, Your Creative Start, The Goal Digger or Lady Startup. If you haven't been following these pod casts already then make it your weekly goal to listen to a few!  

Love, Me Moment.xx